Monday, July 2, 2012


This was our first year lighting off fireworks with the boys. I could tell they had a bunch of fun!
 We did sparklers first. They weren't sure what to do with them at first so we lit a few more.
 Eventually they found that waving them around was fun!
 It took a lot of convincing to try the other fireworks we bought for them.
 They sat on the steps as Perry lit a cobra.
 For the most part it was just on fire, but finally started "growing" into a worm. JP was very confused about the whole thing, but Hunter really enjoyed watching it.
 The boys were *very* patient with me as I tried to get the lighter to work. I'm not very proficient with lighters, and unfortunately for me, the punks weren't working.
 This one shot out a bunch of colors. 
 At the very end of it, it snapped and crackled and whistled a lot which sent the boys running to the top of the stairs!
 After that one they didn't want to come down! I lit a few smoke balls for them to run through, but they weren't too interested in it. 
 Again, because I'm not proficient with the lighter, I burned the crud out my thumb. I didn't realize it as I was lighting the smoke balls because I was focusing too much on getting them all going. Once they were all lit, I realized the pain my thumb was in....and that's why mommy doesn't play with fire....
 Then we played it safe and had the boys throw Snaps. Perry showed the boys how to pop them with their fingers. Hunter got the hang of it, but JP really struggled. He might have got 3? He couldn't even get the hang of throwing them hard enough for them to snap on the ground. He still really enjoyed them though! Hunter thought it was the coolest thing in the world!
 My sweet boys!
This is the last firework we set off for the night. JP didn't like it. I missed it on video, but once it started squealing, Perry ran over to jump on it to put it out. : )

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