Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Northern Fair 2012

We lucked out on the timing of our trip to visit the grandparents. It happened to be fair week! And since we are going to miss the one at home, we had to swing in for a visit at this one! This is their first time going to the fair....and boy did they have fun!

 We began by checking out all the animals. I figured if we didn't do it right away, it probably wasn't going to happen at all. It took them a while to warm up. We saw the chickens and rabbits first but they didn't seem too interested. They were semi-interested in the pigs. Hunter was even brave enough to touch one!
 The steers were semi-cool. I think Hunter enjoys seeing them more when we are at the ranch. 
 Here's Nanny showing JP the lambs. 
By this point Aunt +Robin Patrick  and Uncle Matt joined up with us, so JP became a little bit more relaxed. Both Hunter and JP really enjoyed the lambs!
 Hunter wandered around and patted them every so often.
 But I'm pretty sure JP made a point to pet all of them. 
 By the end of the "animal viewing", the boys were SO anxious to ride on all the rides. This one was JP's favorite. The bus. Every time he got on this ride, he headed straight to the bus. I think he might have only tried one other one out. There was a few times where the bus was full too!  
 It amazes me how going around in a car can be so much fun to little kids!
 Hunter on the other hand, LOVED the firetruck. The little girl is ringing the bell in this picture, but I'm pretty sure Hunter rang it every other time. 
This picture makes me laugh for a couple reasons. 1. JP always insisted on riding in the pick car. 2. When he got in this car, he found a flag on the floor board, which is on the back of that sign he is holding. During the entire ride, he waved his flag, but to us, it looked like someone might have paid him to campaign for her. It was too cute! 

I am a little bummed that I missed out on having a scone this year! Hunter however made it a point to have "a hotdog on a stick" for dinner, also known as a corndog, or ProntoPup to the area residents. The irony? All he ate was the breading... We finished up the rides at about 6:30p and headed home. I could tell these boys were exhausted, and frankly so was I!

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