Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Wasn't Supposed to See....


#24. I wasn't supposed to see...

My wedding band. Perry bought it when he bought my engagement ring, but had left it in his parents possession for safe keeping. 3 months prior to the wedding, they brought it to and Perry was sure to hide it.

Not very well though. Like a logical person, he hid it in our safe. One night we opened up the safe to look through Perry's grandpa's coin collection to see if we could find a six pence for my wedding to put in my shoe. (You know, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a six pence for her shoe.) We found one and I was super excited! And then Perry pointed out that the ring was in the safe....I wanted to see it soooo bad! But I resisted. Multiple times.

Because Perry was in Phoenix on the days leading up to the wedding, I had to bring the ring up to my parents house. I told my parents over and over that I wasn't allowed to see the ring until the wedding. My mom almost spoiled it for me. But I resisted looking when she opened the box. And again, I resisted looking on the day of our wedding when our photographer, Dax, took the ring box to get a few photos.

And then it happened. I saw it. My bridesmaids and I had just finished taking pictures and we were on our way back into town and Dax handed me the camera for me to scroll few the photos to see how I liked them. What I forgot and what he forgot, was that the pictures he had taken earlier of the rings were at the beginning. I started at the end and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled through thousands of photos taking a quick look. And then I got to the beginning. I saw the ring and it startled me! It was so pretty! I didn't take time to stare at it because then it would have been obvious that I saw it. So I scrolled forward and said I'm done looking, I don't want to see the rings by accident. I left it at that.

I never told Perry I saw the ring because that would have just crushed him. But the first time I saw it in person, it was hard to take my eyes off it! It was so perfect - just like the man I married.

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