Friday, January 6, 2012

My "Special" Place

For those of you following my blog, I've joined Blog Dare for 2012. It gives you daily prompts to write about...we'll see how I keep up! I'm a few days late, but at least I'm starting somewhere.

#6. Where do I go when I need time to myself or regrouping time? To my room. I would love love love to have my own little hut or something outside of my house that I could escape to, but this is real life. Maybe eventually I'll get my basement living room functioning how I would like it to so that it can become "my" space. But until then, I head for my room. More specifically, my bed. I don't know what it is about laying in my bed that just calms me down, but I love it.

I used to do a lot of writing right before going to sleep. I have notebooks full, front and back, of just the thoughts and happenings in my head. I could be the only one home (which was rare) or the only one awake and I still couldn't write a thing unless I was in my room. Even as an adult, I experience the same thing. Though as an adult now, I rarely get time to myself. With a 2 and 3 year old running me around from early morning to late evening, I'm tired at night. When I'm not, I just want to enjoy my husband's company before I get tired, which would only be a matter of time.

One of my goals for this year though is to make time for myself. I'm not good with New Year's Resolutions, but to want change, you have to create it I suppose. So time to myself can mean anything from blogging, to reading, to doing yoga. And hopefully in the comfort of my room! <3


Patricia Perkowski said...

First of all you and Perry have the cutest little guys! Now for the real reason I stopped by :)

I found you on Bloggymom, and I followed you to your Blog Dare post, I love that you keep a journal of all the things you read, your random thoughts, makes me feel better because so do I!

Anyway I have a poll on my site about this blog dare, and I would love for you to come over and vote!

Anonymous said...

Last year I turned my spare room into a "mom cave". It's got my sewing stuff, it's got my craft stuff, I stocked it with some of the books from my reading pile, and hey... it even has a bed for a secret (or not so...) nap! I've decided every mom deserves a "mom cave" of some sort. :) Even if it's just a corner somewhere. (I only claimed a room because all my stuff was rudely thrown out of our office by The Man who wanted the space for when he worked from home. Sheesh. Some people are so needy. HEHEHE)

Debbie said...

Sadie, I did the same thing with the writing and journals. Up until 2010 when I stopped writing in my journal and started my blog.

Visiting from The Blog Dare and I think your family is absolutely adorable.

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