Friday, January 6, 2012

Stove Top Burns

This post goes out for little JP. Yesterday at breakfast he was watching as I cooked egged on toast. I warned him not to touch (a few times) because everything was hot. Generally speaking, we've never had an issue with either of the boys getting curious about touching the stove after we've told them not to. But of course, after watching me without touching for 5 minutes, I turned to put something in the sink, and SIZZLE. Poor little JP didn't cry when it happened, but let me know for the rest of the morning....

Luckily he didn't get burned bad. I ran his little fingers under cold water for a while and gave him some pain relief. Unfortunately for his dad, who now works overnight and was trying sleep, JP fused about all morning. He calmed down a bit when I suggested band-aides (with SpongeBob!), though he wasn't keen about actually putting them on. So for the rest of the day he wandered about holding and examining his fingers.

After everything was said and done, I googled "stove burns" to make sure I did everything correctly. Thankful he just had first degree burns, though one might be a 2nd degree. I found this website to be very helpful!

Update on JP's Fingers


Mandi Perry said...

That is so tough. Hunter learned that lesson a couple months ago. We carry a prescription strength burn cream just in case. Boys will be boys. Glad he's a tough boy.

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