Saturday, January 21, 2012

Melted Plastic in My Stove

Just the other day, I preheated the oven as Perry prepared tuna melts for dinner. I opened the oven to put them in, and what did I find? A credit card that belonged to the cash register toy Nanny gave the boys for Christmas...melted. I do believe I screamed. Perry acted quickly and scooped the mess out with a spatula. However the burned plastic smell still remained. And you could still see where the plastic was.

My goal for today: Clean up the plastic in the oven. How many times in the past 4 days did I turn the oven on forgetting? Too many. Then my house would stink of burnt plastic all over again...

I first began by using a razor to scrape it off the bottom. Didn't work. Probably because the blade was small. I heated the oven for a couple minutes to loosen the gunk and then I tried scrubbing at with a rag. Clearly that didn't work. I was just going to turn my oven to the self-clean, but that takes 4 hours, and I didn't think it was completely necessary. Instead I turned it to broil and let it sit for about 40 minutes. It turned all the plastic black, which made me a little nervous. After it cooled down for a bit, I scrubbed at it again with my rag. Still no luck. For whatever reason, I completely forgot about our scouring pads under the sink. Out they came and all my burnt spots were scrubbed away with ease. YAY! My oven looks brand new now!

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