Thursday, January 19, 2012

Toothy the Tooth Fairy

Not that my kids are any where near loosing their teeth...but I thought this would be fun to use when the do! Might be a lot easier on the Tooth Fairy to find the tooth rather than putting it under the pillow!
Pretty simple to make too!

2 pieces of fabric
Embroidery thread
2 buttons

1. Lay the fabric on top of each other and cut out the shape of a tooth.
2. Sew the eyes onto the top piece of fabric.
3. Sew on a mouth.
4. With some scrap fabric, sew a pocket onto the back piece of fabric.

5. Match up the fabric and sew the two pieces together.
6. Leaving a little bit of the top open, stuff the tooth with stuffing.
7. Sew closed.

I think it took me about an hour to make, but I had some distractions!


Anonymous said...


I would love if you would write a story for our site about how your little ones handled their first tooth fairy experience! Check out our page here for more information:

All my best,

Sadie Dustin said...

I would love to write a piece for your page, but they've yet to loose any teeth! I'm still anxiously awaiting the day!

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