Friday, January 27, 2012

My Kitchen's Progress

We closed on our house on June 26, 2009. It was a pretty quick sale. Someone Perry knew had owned it with a friend. Because their friendship dissolved, they wanted out. We looked at it in May and moved in about 2 months later.

I won't show you the whole house now, but here's how my kitchen has progressed. 
These two pictures are photos they took when they were showing us the layout. Clearly they know nothing about staging!
One of the first things we did was paint the kitchen. I've always wanted a red kitchen and everyone thought I was crazy with the red I picked...It matches perfectly with the photos I have in the dining area.
In September of 2010, we purchased a new stove. Not because ours was broke, but because Perry wanted everything to be stainless steel. We bought a new dishwasher end of 2009, I think. That's what started the stainless steel movement with Perry.

In January of 2011, I convinced Perry that painting the cabinets would really change the feel of the kitchen. He wanted to go all out and just get new cabinets, but like we can afford to do that right now?!

In April of 2011, Perry called me while I was at a church retreat with his mom. The fridge went we purchased a new one. I love my trio! I just wish it wasn't next to the wall. I can't open the left door far enough. 

And just the other day, Perry installed handles on all my drawers and cupboards. I've wanted them for a long long time! They look so nice!

So here's my kitchen to-date. Next we're putting on new hinges to match!
And this is my dining room with my French chef pictures. I bought them to the paint store when picking out colors for my kitchen and living room.

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